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Plate 15F

CNC machined and black anodized aluminium KAWASAKI 15F plate .

The tilt of the bearing which supports the steering shaft is mounted with stainless steel bearing and is intended for mounting the assembly without any modification to perform on the jet ski .

It enables to mount any kind of straight columns of 45/100/160/230 mm in height and damped columns of 160/195/230 in height .

It can be also mounted on the old 1100 STX and 1200 XTX jet ski .

A location is intended for mounting the original reverse gear .

A stainless steel support is delivered with the stainless steel hardware to change the position of the TELEFLEX cable and be able to adjust the centering of the nozzle position .

All original accessories (air intake , manifold gaskets , electrical end-stop race acceleration system) are mounted on this board.