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City bike

E-TRIKE “Made in Pays-Basque”: HIRU

HIRU is a power-assisted bike equipped with 3 wheels 20 inches including 2 front pendular wheels to ensure a very good stability and driving safety. It has a multi-material frame in Aluminum, Titanium and Carbon that makes its structure robust. The company IDIART machines itself its mechanical components on a machining lathe and 3 and 5 axes machining center. Users looking for soft mobility will be attracted by its pleasant and dynamic driving thanks to the FOX AV and AR rear shock absorbers with oil bath allowing various settings in compression and relaxation. Its +: advanced electric assistance thanks to the powerful German TQ Systems crank engine developing 120 Nm of peak torque combined with a speed variator integrated into the NuVinci hub of the rear wheel by a belt transmission. The automatic gear change is controlled by an electric control box connected to the torque sensor. Hiru allows a flexible driving up to around 40km / h to achieve long distances and easily climb steep slopes without effort.

3 hydraulic disc brakes with 2-piston HOPE calipers offer unprecedented braking power. The aluminum wheels are manufactured by the French company MACH1. Its wheels are fitted with low-friction Schwalbe tires and Kevlar tires thanks to a special manufacturing process for the puncture-resistant belt. The 70-cell battery 847 Wh hidden in the aluminum frame recharges in 2 hours and allows a range between 50 and 100 km depending on the selected speed mode.